Kids Social Network

Social networking has grown in popularity for kids younger than thirteen. Most social networking web sites only allow adults and teenagers to get into their site. However with web 2 . 0 becoming so popular for internet entertainment young kids are wanting to join in on the fun. There are age restrictions for many sites but they are usually avoidable. For most sites all you need to do is submit a false age when creating an online profile. The main problem with young children using social networking sites is online predators. There have been many cases over time where children were assaulted by someone gaining details about them on Facebook with regard to MySpace.Kids who use MySpace are unlikely to know what they can post and what they should not post. Kids ought to refrain from posting and telling others their location or home address. If they post activities they are doing or who they are getting together with then anyone can track them down. There are reasons for these age restrictions and parents need to be aware if their small children are accessing these web sites.There are social networking sites which are specifically targeted for young children. Kids social network sites give parents entry to their sites and have administrators monitoring chats along with posts. Although most of these sites are safe, it is important for parents to do some research to uncover if they are regularly monitored.There is one site, in particular, that is known as . This is a social networking site for kids that has all the tools necessary to keep kids safe while they are connecting with other friends. Parents are able to monitor the site and they can create their own profile to chat with other parents. There are full-time managers that monitor this website and police are granted access to check in whenever they please.Something that sets this amazing site apart from other websites is that it allows parents to download a lockdown browser. A lockdown browser lets kids browse the internet for sites that are safe and acceptable for their age. To ensure that kids are on a safe website it locks that computer if young people stumble across inappropriate content and restricts usage of all other programs.Besides all the safety features this is still a great site for kids. When everything is said and done all that really matters is if this is a fun and entertaining site for kids. Kids can upload photographs and videos to share with friends. All pictures and videos are approved by an administrator before they can be allowed to be posted. After creating an account, kids have full access to all of the online games. Plus if kids are struggling with homework they can go to the online library to get more information in math, social studies, reading, and all kinds of other subjects.Kids social networking sites are fun for young kids and tweens. Since the users on these sites are very young the website has to have safety precautions. Most importantly parents need to learn which sites their kids are on and to make sure they do not share any personal information. Social networking is an excellent way for kids to connect as long as it is done safely.