Completely new Sleep Apnea Examination Coming Soon

It could actually be a extremely challenging process to get tested for sleep apnea. Many have to withstand a couple of nights of sleeping in a extremely unfamiliar environment, with a large number of wires connected to them, a harness and two belts, and also the whole experience makes it very challenging to fall asleep and consequently harder to test for sleep apnea in the initial place. A lot of people have to go through the procedure so they’re able to be clinically diagnosed and get treated, prior to being supplied with a sleep apnea mouthpiece or any other device.A brand new test is however being devised at the University of Texas and bioengineering scientists are confident that the completely new test will be taken up. According to John Burk, medical director of Sleep Consultants of Fort Worth:"You get to monitor — not just the single night that we do in the lab — you could measure multiple nights."The scientists have been able to design a system which would enable the patient to be examined at home over a considerable period of time. The mobile ultrasonic probe enables for much more detailed examination of possible sleep apnea sufferers over a lengthier period of time whilst the affected person is far more comfortable sleeping in their very own bed.It means that the patient could be diagnosed and provided with either a sleep apnea mouthpiece or another device with a great deal more accuracy and the experts hope to get a private business to create the sensor following patenting the concept and technologies.The ultrasonic sensors work by being fitted to the patient’s neck and assessing the sound waves to determine whether or not the respiratory tract is open or closed. The far more comprehensive evaluation which can also be done over longer periods of time enable sleep apnea sufferers to be diagnosed better and to be able to alter treatment accordingly to use either a sleep apnea mouthpiece or machine.